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Power Quotes:

"Apuleius seeks to establish a distinction between healthy curiosity, which seeks knowledge of the true reality by intellectual effort and religious experience, and the debased curiosity which seeks a false reality by way of magic and sensuality." PG Walsh, in Preface to Apuleius, The Golden Ass----

"The show is over, and the monkey's dead," Carson McCullers, Member of the Wedding----

"The journey toward real self-knowledge is the painstaking reclaiming of our own virginity." Cynthia Bourgeault, The Meaning of Mary Magdalene----

"The glib, talking-head culture distances us from raw suffering and depletes us of an immediate sense of what is real on the earth." Lindsay Clarke, The Water Theatre----

Fermin: "This business of courtship is like a tango: absurd and pure embellishment. But you're the man, and you must take the lead."

Daniel: "The lead? Me?"

Fermin: "What do you expect? One has to pay some price for being able to piss standing up." Carlos Ruiz Zafron, The Shadow of the Wind----

"So may the outward shows be least themselves, the world is still deceived with ornament....In a word, 'tis the seeming truth which cunning times put on to entrap the wisest." Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice----

"Though like a road

That men pass over

My body makes no moan

But sings on." William Butler Yeats, Crazy Jane On God----

Reading Now:

The Gravity Of Birds by Tracy Guzeman

Anna Karenina by Tolstoy


My novel The Madonna Model is with readers. 

The author as painted by Walt Kuhn

Recent Good Reads:

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafron (a masterpiece)

The Feminine in Fairy Tales by Marie Louise von Franz (excellent)

The Magician's Assistant by Ann Patchett (superb)

Broken Colors by Michelle Zackheim (excellent)

Strapless by Deborah Davis (very good)

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett (magificent--for people who can think)

Trading Up by Candace Bushnell (brilliant irony--superb read)

Atomised by Michel Houellebecq (years ahead of its time--brilliant and sad) 

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks (unequaled as a storyteller)

Who is TL Ashton?

TL Ashton writes books for smart sexy women. They know that smart is sexy because love lives in the brain, where we experience ultimate union. These women have been to college and face the paramount challenge of the work place. They want their vision and talent to be recognized because the self-respect that comes with success leads to genuine love that wants to realize our fullest potential. They learn that they matter, and because they do, they can overcome male fear of just who they are. Ashton started in New York City and expects to end there, but has lived in Los Angeles, Manilla, Djakarta, Paris, London, and for long stretches in the Turks and Caicos. After attending four other schools, Ashton was granted a degree by Columbia University and spent several years telling people how good Keats and Shelly truly are. Needing the challenges that stimulate personal growth, Ashton left Lotus Land, and took a publishing job in New York, which in turn led to an invitation from the CEO of a major Wall Street firm to head up strategic communications. That experience was captured in a superb debut novel, Ms. Money, which women in finance have enjoyed. Having invested in American art, Ashton left Wall Street to head up an art gallery, leading to the very recent publication of a second novel, The Madonna Model. Not chick lit or women’s fiction, these are books about female empowerment. Ashton is currently reading the auction catalogue for the estate of Zsa Zsa Gabor, who was married nine times and insisted, “I want to choose the man. I do not permit men to choose me.” 

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