For My Wonderful Readers With Special Thanks--TL Ashton



— The Madonna Model

Authenticity is what Ashton’s second novel is all about. With a brilliant metaphor, Ashton connects fake people with forged art. Real people are authentic just as original art has provenance that proves its authenticity. Auction house art specialist, Jillian Warner, knows that every masterpiece has a story, and tracking down the provenance of paintings by Mary Cassatt, Sargent, O’Keeffe and others teaches her how to overcome art world forgers. That helps her resist fake men and find a man who is not afraid to love. She  journeys to the heart of today's art world, to learn how much true love is left in it, and soon discovers that there are as many fake people as forged paintings. Jillian lands a job as an American art specialist at Lyon's, a major New York City auction house. She wins a tough fight against sexism in the workplace, only to be defeated in her personal relationships by the doubtful provenance of the men she loves. She prefers Wyeth to Warhol, but is challenged by men who want to see her only as an abstract expression rather than the real woman she is. Then Tom Linde, a surgeon who worked with her mother at a voluntary medical mission in Afghanistan, returns having lost an arm to a land mine blast. Can they defeat a talented art forger with designs on Jillian?